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Welcome to thebetterbrowser.mobi (hereafter ‘The Better Browser’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘mobile browser’, the ‘mobile app’, ‘the website’).

You recognize that you have the necessary competence and means to access these Services and to use them. The use of our Services implies your approval of the present terms. We reserve the right to modify the terms at any time so they can fit the evolutions of the services of the website and/or their operation. It is your responsibility to check our Terms and Conditions for any future updates.

The purpose of the present Terms and Conditions (hereafter ‘Terms’) is to define the terms and conditions under which you can use our products and services. Our main activity is to provide a free-to-use, safe, secure and private mobile browser accessible through its website and downloadable on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



You are informed that the Services are operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and you recognize that this accessibility may however be interrupted in case of force majeure or technical difficulties. We shall not be held responsible for network or server dysfunctions of any other event that is out of our control, which would impede or degrade access to our Services. We reserve the right to interrupt, suspend momentarily or modify without prior notice access to all or parts of the Services, in order to maintain or control them, or to do tests. Such interruption, suspension or modification cannot be entitled to obligations or compensations. We will do our best to inform you beforehand. You agree not to use the Services in an inappropriate way, under penalty of prosecution. We reserve the right to deny access to the Services to any user who does not respect the present Terms.



We offer hypertext links to other websites or other sources of information published or managed by third parties, in order to improve the relevance of your browsing. Given that we cannot exert control over external sources contents, you agree that we do not bear any responsibility relative to the provision of these resources, to their content, to possible collections and transmissions of personal data, cookies planting or any other similar processes done by those sites.

Advertising links can be offered in some of the Services offered by The Better Browser. These links, marked with the “Ad” label, are messages of advertising nature that come from advertisers and are displayed for a fee. Clicking those links only lead to the target websites. We decline any responsibility regarding obligations relative to the contractual relationships that may arise from them. Every advertiser has the duty to respect regulatory and legal obligations that apply to it.


Information through the services

Information provided on the Services have only informational purpose. We make our best efforts to ensure that the real-time updated information displayed on our services be as accurate as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that the results and the gathered information are free of any mistake or any defect, nor can we guarantee the completeness, up-to-dateness, precision, exhaustiveness, or absence of modification by a third party.

Therefore, we decline all responsibility, of any nature:

In case of inaccuracy, lack of update, error or omissions in information available through the Services;

For the absence of availability of information;

For any damage, direct and/or indirect, whichever are the causes, origins, nature or consequences, induced by the access by anyone to the Services of by the impossibility to access them

For the use of the Services and/or for the credit granted to any information obtained directly or indirectly from the Services

For decisions based on information obtained through the Services, and for the use that may be done by third parties;

In case of inadequacies between the provided information, the offered Services, and your needs


Reporting content

The Better Browser is a mere technical intermediary that allows you to access content available on the Internet. When requesting that content be delisted on the website, if you obtain a positive answer from our side, we remind you that this content can still be available and accessible via other search engines or by typing the webpage URL in the address bar of your web browser. It is your responsibility to contact the publisher and/or hosting provider of said webpages in order to ask for a definitive withdrawal of the content. In the event that you notice content that may relate to apologies for crimes against humanity, provocation to or apologies for acts of terrorism, incitement to racial hatred, towards people on the basis of their sex, their sexual orientation or identity or handicap, child pornography, incitement to violence, attacks on human dignity, when browsing the Services, you have the option to let us know by contacting us at the address hello@ad-mrkt.com.


Data protection

The website’s policy for respecting the privacy of its users elevates to a very high requirements level. In general, the website does not collect personal data from the typical use of its Services.

Processing of information requests as well as registration for certain Services may nonetheless require users to communicate personal data such as their name, surname, address and email address.


Cookies and other tracking devices

We may use cookies or other ads tracking device when browsing our Services.


Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute relating to the use of our Services, you can send us a written complaint to hello@ad-mrkt.com.


Applicable law

The Services and their TOS are subject to Singapore law, wherever they may be used. In the event that amicable solutions fail or are not sought, any dispute arising from these provisions may be brought before the competent courts.


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